Your Card options

At Custom Plastic Cards we give you the choice of an extensive range of card types to suit your specific purpose.  We use the traditional highest quality PVC custom printed cards and the environmentally friendly cards including recycled PVC, BioPVC and Teslin cards.

We have a large range of card types from credit card size cards, plastic key tags and credit card-key tag combinations or alternatively we can produce custom plastic cards in virtually any shape or size to suit your specific requirements, such as loyalty cards or printed club membership cards.  Please see below for a description and application of each type of card.

  • Credit card size – Credit cards size cards are the most common type of custom printed plastic card and are used in a wide range of applications including membership cards, printed gift cards, PVC plastic loyalty cards, plastic discount cards and more.
  • Key tags – Key tags are mostly used when cards are required to be used on a regular basis such as health clubs, sporting clubs and food and beverage retailers.
  • Combination cards – Combination or combo cards are used most frequently as printed gift/loyalty cards, library membership cards and in salons. The snap off combo cards can be distributed to family members or friends, the snap of printed cards have the same bar code/number so all sales can be attributed to your single combo card.
  • Custom size and shape – The custom size and shape can distinguish your printed plastic cards from your competitors and attract and possibly amuse your clients.

We offer CMYK/full colour printing and spot/pantone colour matching and your choice of numerous card features including sequential and non-sequential numbering, bar coding, magnetic striping, scratch offs with PIN/serial numbers, embossing (raised printing) with gold or silver tipping, signature panels, metallic coloured printing, foil stamping, holograms and more. We also offer well-qualified design services.


We are a full-service plastic card company and we will service you well and promptly with our 20 years of plastic card experience. If you are experienced with the printing process, we will process your order promptly and we will ensure you get exactly what you need. Alternatively, if you are new to printing, you have come to the right place, we will guide you through our efficient order process and produce a great design for you if required. We are here to serve our valued clients.