Custom Plastic Cards has been producing custom membership cards for almost 20 years. Custom printed membership cards are our most popular card type. We supply gym and health Club membership cards for all types of facilities from large franchises to boutique gyms to personal trainers. These printed plastic membership cards are critical to the management of your health club. We can also assist you to put a great design together so your image and the message to your members is expressed in a very attractive, contemporary way.

Membership Card options

You have the choice of the traditional credit card size printed membership card to the always handy, “always with you” custom key tags to our RFID/smart cards that you simply wave (at the reader) when you enter the health club. Health club/gym printed membership cards typically combines a membership and an access card in one, that is, the one cards allows entry into the health club and also acts as a custom membership card to give the card holder the feeling of belonging and increasing their loyalty and attendance.

Card Options for Health Club Access

In the past health clubs would use bar code systems only to register a member’s attendance, today, it is very common or even the norm for health clubs to have a contactless RFID custom card system. This contactless system allows the member to simply wave their custom plastic card in front of the reader and the facility door or entry gate will unlock and allow the member to enter.

Benefits of a Health Club/Membership Card

There are numerous benefits to Health Club/Gym custom plastic membership cards. Health Club membership cards are a great way to increase both member loyalty and your revenue. Here are a few ways you will benefit from custom printed membership cards:

  1. Give a link via a QR code on the printed membership cards, this link will display the current exclusive offers on your goods and services or have a combination of a fixed ongoing offer on the printed membership card itself and updated exclusive offers at the QR code link.
  2. Using your IT system to keep track of the member spending habits and target your promotion based on member spending.
  3. Use the membership card issuance to obtain details about the plastic membership card holder and use this data, possibly in conjunction with spending and attendance habits, to target your promotional campaigns.
  4. Have an automated system that will enable you to send pleasant messages, tips and promotions to the membership card holder based on the data collected about each person eg birthday message, an alert about a reward for them based on their spending and more.
  5. Stay in touch with members who do not attend as often or have stopped attending or have changed their spending habits.