Environmentally friendly cards are fast becoming the ultimate choice for environmentally conscious organizations and individuals. Environmental cards are produced from renewable resources and recycled material, all of which significantly reduces the usage of the limited natural resources on earth, unlike the traditional petroleum base PVC cards. Our suite of environmentally friendly cards includes PLA or corn cards, teslin plastic and recycled PVC cards.



Corn or PLA (poly lactic acid) cards are extracted from corn and are an excellent alternative for environmentally conscious organizations and individuals. Aside from the renewable nature of corn, corn cards require far less energy in production and produce less green house gas than the common petroleum based alternative of PVC. Corn cards are biodegrable and produce no toxins when destroyed during incineration, the ground and atmospheric based environmental advantages of corn cards are significant. The durability, life span and printing of the corn cards is very similar to PVC cards


Teslin plastic cards are a non-petroleum based synthetic paper product. No harmful toxins are produced during the production of the teslin cards, unlike their petroleum based counterparts. Teslin cards are printed off-set with superior color consistency and are less susceptible to breakage and snapping due to their ductile/elastic properties. Some additional environmental features include: Non-toxicity, no ozone depleting constituents, no cellulose-based material (no forest harvesting), incinerates in an atmosphere of excess oxygen to yield water, carbon dioxide, energy and clean ash (from silica filler).




Petroleum based PVC cards are the traditional material for plastic cards. Our recycled cards are produced from recycled PVC. Recycled PVC reduces the amount of PVC that is disposed and produced which reduces the usage of our limited natural resources.